Intuitive Living

Intuitive Living Workshop

He has in his hands a winnowing fork to clean up his threshing floor!
He will separate the wheat from the chaff. (Luke 3:17)

Making decisions can be difficult. Making GOOD decisions even more problematic.  In this workshop, I will teach you techniques to help you make the BEST decisions for all aspects of your life; decisions that support the health, happiness, longevity, and sustainability of yourself and this world. 

These techniques will show you how to obtain objective answers to your most pressing questions.  These answers will come from the body, not the mind.  The Body Does Not Lie!

Your body knows your entire history.  It knows your genetic makeup and predispositions, and understands that which will help you fully develop in this lifetime.  Who better to ask what foods to eat or which herbs or medications are appropriate.  Who better understands what work or relationships align with your true nature than that part of you that has been with you since conception.  And perhaps most importantly, who better to translate the guidance of spirit than a body uncluttered by the chaos of the mind.

Your body understands ALL of your needs:  physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.  With the proper training, the body can teach you what those needs are and how to fill them. 

In this workshop you will:

  • Learn multiple methods of learning how to access accurate information from the body to guide you successfully through all aspects of your life.
  • Learn multiple methods to STOP listening to the mind— an entity whose sole purpose is to keep you asleep to your true nature.
  • Become aware of, and begin to transcend the limiting beliefs of childhood, schooling, and society, thus allowing you to be objective in the decision-making process.
  • Learn how to ask the right questions and develop the discernment to realize which questions need asking.

The workshop is 5 hours long with short breaks.   Please wear comfortable, loose clothing.  

How to Register

  1. Email is the best way to register. However, if you have questions, please use the phone number below.
  2. Payment is at the time of the workshop. Cash or Check ONLY.
  3. Please plan to arrive at 8:45 so we may begin on time.
  4. Space limited to 20 participants
  5. Participants may wish to visit the website to familiarize with some of what will be covered.
  6. Parking in the building is very expensive. There is a close street and inexpensive municipal parking.

Covid 19 precautions/requirements

Covid 19 is here to stay. Life goes on. To assure maximum safety for participants:

  • Masks are to be worn throughout the workshop
  • To participate, you must bring in a photo of a Home Covid test dated the morning of the workshop. Needless to say, the test needs to be negative
  • If you have been in contact with anyone with known Covid 19, or symptoms of covid (you all know what those are) in the last seven days, please do NOT attend the workshop.
  • if you have had any symptoms of covid in the last seven days, do NOT attend.

Following these guidelines will provide for the safe environment needed to do this type of spiritual work.

Location: 1188 Bishop Street,  Suite  2408,  Honolulu, HI.
When: Sunday, August 27, 2022,   9 AM – 2 PM
Register: Cost:   $80 cash or Check
Phone: 808 636 8493

Instructor:   Richard Podolny M.D.

40 years ago, Dr. Richard Podolny was privileged to work with the late Dr. Byron Gentry, a renowned scientist, medical intuitive, and healer. 

Dr. Podolny learned the basic techniques featured in this workshop from Dr. Gentry and has used these methods to efficiently and somewhat joyfully guide himself and others through the rigors of becoming better human beings.  He now offers these techniques to those that choose to become their “better” self.